Habit + Habitat: Kayla Acciavatti

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Ever wonder what the folks at terrain do when we're not in the nursery? In our monthly series, Habit + Habitat, we're finding out by asking one person to share a favorite habit and a beloved habitat. This month, we’re spotlighting Creative Project Coordinator Kayla Acciavatti, who keeps our photo, design, and web teams on schedule and running smoothly. Kayla chatted about heading to her family home for a habit that she shares with her mom-- hand-crafting skincare products with items fresh from the garden.

terrain: What is your role at terrain? Can you describe your typical day?

Kayla: I'm the Creative Project Coordinator for terrain. I handle all the project management, which entails making the schedules, setting milestones and deadlines, and otherwise facilitating projects for our web and print design teams. A typical day at the office usually involves a lot of meetings with various departments. Afterward, I regroup with the creative team to review changes and project needs. 

terrain: How did you and your mom get started with making skincare products?

Kayla: It actually started with my wedding. For my bridal shower, I wanted guests to leave with a gift that was special-- not something they'd toss out as soon as they got home. My mom and I thought it would be fun to try our hands at making soaps and body scrubs in Weck jars. It was a huge hit with everyone at the shower, and it just grew from there. Everything we make is all-natural; my mom grows most of the ingredients in her garden, so our creations are pure, fresh, and clean from start to finish! They make great gifts for friends, family, and hostesses.

terrain: What are some of your favorite things to make?

Kayla: It's hard to choose! I would say soaps and lip balms are my favorites right now.  

terrain: What's the most challenging part of making skincare products?

Kayla: The biggest challenge is weighing and measuring the ingredients. All the measurements need to be spot-on for the product to turn out properly. We learned in the early stages to invest in a good scale.  

terrain: What are you planning to make this spring?

Kayla: We'll be making calendula lotion bars, chamomile salt scrub, and some baby skincare this spring. We haven't decided yet on soaps-- the scents will depend on what we're growing in the garden! 

terrain: Where do you set up shop when you’re working?

Kayla: We set up at my mom's house, particularly in her kitchen. 

terrain: Can you tell us a bit about the space and why you enjoy working there?

Kayla: My mom’s kitchen is my favorite spot in her house. It’s bright, beautiful, and open with lots of windows and doors that lead out to her garden. Growing up, my mom's kitchen was always the heart of the home. The whole family just naturally gathers there and it’s where we spend a lot of quality time. Some of the best conversations, food, and now soaps come out of that kitchen. Though my siblings and I have moved away (with the exception of my younger brother), we go straight to the kitchen to hang out whenever we’re all back together. 

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