Habit + Habitat: Isa Salazar


Ever wonder what the folks at terrain do when we're not in the garden? In our monthly series, Habit + Habitat, we're finding out by asking one person to share a favorite habit and a beloved habitat. This month, we’re chatting with Narrative Photographer Isa Salazar, the lady behind the lens for our lifestyle and blog images-- and our resident baking extraordinaire. Isa is often found in the field with her camera, but we caught her at the office to talk entertaining at her favorite getaway-- her family's historic farm. 

terrain: What is your role at terrain? Can you describe your typical day?

Isa: I’m the Narrative Photographer for terrain. A typical day at work for me isn’t always so typical. A couple weeks ago, for example, our stylist and I had to canoe into location for a shoot!

terrain: What’s the one word that describes your habitat—your family’s farm, and your habit—entertaining?

Isa: For the farm, exploration. For entertaining, experimentation.

terrain: What aspects of your family farm it make a good place for hosting? What are some of your favorite spaces there?

Isa: The farm has been in my family for 40 years, and the house itself was built in the 1800s, so it holds a whole lot of history. You can really feel it when you’re there, and that makes the place especially warm and welcoming. It’s easy for guests to feel at home. One of my family’s favorite spaces for gathering after a long day is on the front porch at sunset, aka cocktail hour. 

terrain: What do you love most about entertaining?

Isa: The whole thing! I love feeding people and seeing friends have a great time. I enjoy the challenge of a large group and also the intimacy of a small one. My mother masters entertaining quite elegantly, and it’s really because of her that I love it so much. I look back to my childhood, when our family would host Lechonadas (Puerto Rican pig roasts) at the farm each summer. With five children and more than 100 guests, my mother somehow made the behind-the-scenes look effortless and exciting.

terrain: Do you have any go-to dishes for fall gatherings?

Isa: Tarts! I have a habit of veering off from recipes, but the Apple Nougatine Tart [above] from the Tartine cookbook is one I will follow exactly. It’s a crowd pleaser and great for fall, especially with some vanilla ice cream on the side.

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