Habit + Habitat: Beth Brewer


Ever wonder what the folks at terrain do when we're not in the garden? In our monthly series, Habit + Habitat, we're finding out by asking one person to share a favorite habit and a beloved habitat. This month, we’re chatting with a new addition to our office, avid runner and kitchen connoisseur Beth, who recently moved to Philly from Minnesota to join the terrain team. 

terrain: What is your role at terrain? Tell us a bit about a day for you at the office.

Beth: I’m the Divisional Merchandise Manager for hardgoods. My day is very diverse and inspirational– I work with a talented group of buyers to strategize about what our customers’ needs are and how to execute them through product. I also collaborate with Planning, Creative, Ecomm, PR, Stores, and Greengoods partners to align the purchasing, merchandising, and messaging of that product. I’ve been in role for two months and am very impressed with the commitment and passion everyone at terrain has for our customer and the brand– that’s the inspiring part. 

terrain: What's one word describes that your habit, and one that describes your habitat? 

For my habit, being active: Sanity.
For my habitat, the kitchen: Connection.   

terrain: What do you enjoy most about running and being active?

Beth: I use running to both clear my mind or solve challenging issues, depending on the day. In either case, it’s a great stress reliever. When my schedule allows, I also love running with others. I’ve had some of my most interesting encounters on runs with friends and loved ones, including a close encounter with a large, bald eagle coming in for prey, jumping head first into a snow bank to avoid an oncoming snow plow, and a stand-off with a wild turkey.

terrain: Do you run competitively, or just for fun?

Beth: Both. My first and all-time favorite run was the NYC Marathon. I ran it as part of a brain cancer charity group on behalf of my brother, Jeff.  Not only was the charity and cause amazing, the support and enthusiasm along the streets of NY’s boroughs was also like nothing else I had been a part of. I have two favorite memories of the run. First, crossing the bridge and entering Manhattan. The crowd was four rows deep on both sides of the street and the noise and cheering was deafening. The enthusiasm was contagious and provided a much need second wind. The second was driving to NJ the next day to see Jeff, tell him about the event, and give him my finisher medal. I’ve run four marathons since then and none have come close to being as incredible and meaningful as that one. 

terrain: You recently moved to the Philly area. Have you discovered any great running spots? Do you find running a good way to explore your new location? 

Beth: I’ve found two favorites- running the Navy Yard after work with the newly-founded TRC (terrain running club), and the path along the Schuylkill River. The latter is very similar to my route in Minnesota along the Mississippi River.

terrain: Switching over to your habitat, tell us a bit about your kitchen.

Beth: For me, it’s the heart of the home. Growing up, my six siblings and I studied, hung out, ate, and lived in the kitchen. Despite plenty of room in other parts of the house, we all preferred to be there, in the smallest room, to connect with each other and with our Mom. As I’ve established a family of my own, the tradition continues. When the boys and I looked at potential homes in Philly, one of the top considerations was if the kitchen “felt right”-- open, spacious, and filled with light.    

terrain: What do you enjoy most about your kitchen? 

Beth: I’m moving into my new home  and new kitchen in April. What I look forward to most is its wonderful natural light and flexibility to accommodate both large and small gatherings. I also can’t wait to fill it with furnishings from my past and present, resume cooking family meals, and update it with new terrain glasses, packaged foods, linens, and plants!

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