W&P's Gin and Tonic with a Twist


A classic cocktail for any time of year, we especially enjoy the bright, herbal complexity of a gin and tonic during the holidays. Even better, we love this cocktail when it's mixed with hand-crafted spirits courtesy of W&P Design's homemade gin kit. Recently, we sat down for a cocktail chat with Eric Prum, who co-founded W&P with his friend and college roommate, Josh Williams. Eric filled us in on the gin kit, their new tonic water collaboration, and his favorite seasonal twist on a traditional G&T.

terrain: How did W&P get started?

Eric: At UVA, Josh and I were roommates. One day, we were shaking up some cocktails with friends and tried to rig a Mason jar into a cocktail shaker. The result was a bit messy, but the idea always stuck with us. Almost a decade later, we decided to return to that idea and really give it a go. We ended up funding the Mason Shaker through Kickstarter, and from there, created W&P Design.  

terrain: How did you choose the infusions for your gin kit? 

Eric: Gin is a neutral spirit that has been flavored to get that complex taste we know and love. We wanted to develop a few different variations on gin that are interesting as well as delicious, so there are three spice blends that can be paired with the Homemade Gin Kit. The original, which comes with the kit, combines over a dozen herbs, spices, and aromatics to create a classic gin. We also created a refined smoky blend, and a spiced blend with warming notes of cinnamon, cloves, and ginger. With the kit, it’s pretty much impossible not to make a great batch of gin, but we suggest having a bit of fun. Add a twist to the infusion by throwing in cucumber spears, fresh herbs, or citrus zest-- you’ve got your very own signature gin! 

terrain: What inspired your collaboration with Boylan on a new tonic water?

Eric: We realized that there weren’t any delicious, all-natural, American cocktail mixers on the market. Plus, we make a lot of cocktails, and it's disappointing to mix a great gin with a subpar tonic. Rather than just letting that slide, we began talking to Boylan about how we could combine our skills and resources to develop mixers that would pair perfectly with craft cocktails. We’re really happy with the result (and so are our taste buds!). Boylan is an iconic soda company with over 100 years of history, so it was a natural pick for us to partner with them. 

terrain: We love a classic gin & tonic, but around the holidays we’re always looking for creative cocktail recipes for parties and gatherings. Are there any unexpected ingredients you’d add for a G&T “with a twist?"

Eric: We love using seasonal ingredients in our drinks, especially ingredients that we already have on-hand. You’ve probably already got cranberries and rosemary for your holiday dishes. We suggest muddling a sprig of rosemary and a few cranberries in your glass before adding your gin and tonic. The result? A festive spin on the classic that’s perfect for the holiday season. 

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