Get the Look: The Harvest Display with the Over-the-Table Iron Rod


As the holidays approach, we’re turning our attention from our outdoor gardens to our indoor entertaining spaces. There are so many creative, evocative, and surprising ways to incorporate nature into our indoor décor, and our new over-the-table iron rod expands the possibilities even further. Using adjustable clamps that attach to either side of your dining table to position securely for as long as you need, it's incredibly easy to use and durable. Our creative photo stylist Beth Clevenstine recently put together an autumnal look using the rod and we caught up with her to get the details to share with you here!

terrain: Hi Beth! Can you walk us through the elements you used for this project?

Beth: Sure, I used our Stargazer LED globe lights (doubled up so the lights were spaced closer together), a green quartz garland, the dried sponge mushroom bunch, some preserved plumosa fern bunches, some dried pods, dried artichokes, kiwi vine, foraged bark, foraged porcelain berry, and preserved stoebe bunches.

terrain: Any expert tips and tricks on how to use the over-the-table rod you could share?

Beth: Getting a lightweight wire such as floral wire really helps. Once the lights and garland are on, it's really easy just to stick the stems in and they hold on their own. Using wire helps to secure heavy stems such as the pods and kiwi vine.

terrain: What other ways would you use it in your own home?

Beth: As we move into the holidays, I can’t wait to use this to frame my Thanksgiving table. I’m thinking of using a strand of globe lights, grapevine, and foraged branches of bittersweet and oak leaves that have turned yellow (oak leaves hold their shape and color as they dry—forage now and keep for Thanksgiving). Then Thanksgiving Day, I’ll add in some fresh cuts like spidermums, yarrow, and billybobs.

terrain: What are some other themes or inspiration points you think would work well with it?

Beth: I would love to play with this using fresh pines, juniper berry, frayed velvet ribbon, and ornaments to create a fun holiday moment.

terrain: Why do you love the over-the-table iron rod?

Beth: Definitely the versatility! You can totally update the look just by changing the way the lights are hung; for example, keeping them close to the bar to create a straight line, or letting them swag asymmetrically gives a different feel. The decorating possibilities are endless and can change depending on the season and occasion. I love adding foraged items mixed with preserved and dried to create a natural, colorful look.

You can shop this entire project here, and don’t forget to check out our other décor alternatives like the preserved botanical canopy and the living wreath installation.

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