Garden Visit: Chanticleer


Tucked into the countryside just a short drive from Philadelphia, century-old pleasure garden Chanticleer recently welcomed the terrain team for a leisurely afternoon tour of its beautiful lawns, glades, and flower beds. Built in 1913 by the Rosengarten family, the elegant home and its gardens were a private residence until 1990, when the property opened for the public to explore and enjoy. The garden is divided into distinct zones, each one designed and cared for by a dedicated and creative horticulturalist. Chanticleer's gardeners come from diverse and often artistic backgrounds-- former jewelers and furniture-makers have helped to shape the clever embellishments that define the landscape. Their hand-crafted bannisters, distinctive bridges, and even leaf-shaped drinking fountains can be found tucked among the plants.

Our team spent the afternoon at Chanticleer exploring the dense Asian Woodland, a colorful Mediterranean Gravel Garden, the central pond filled with exuberantly blooming lotus, and even a practical vegetable patch. Highlights included walks through the bamboo forest, the incredible cut flower garden, and the perfectly preserved Art Deco swimming pool. We also enjoyed peeking inside the Ruin-- a folly built to resemble a crumbling, stone house overgrown with lush foliage. Chanticleer is set apart from many gardens by its imaginative design; because it's a pleasure garden, the horticulturalists are free to mix plant species and styles purely for visual appeal. Thousands of striking varieties mingle in unexpected and consistently gorgeous plantings. Interested in visiting? Find out more here.

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