On the Garden Route with Wonki Ware


One of our long-time favorites for the tabletop, we love Wonki Ware for its bright colors and vibrant patterns, as well as its inspiring story. Each Wonki Ware piece is hand-crafted in the South African city of George, shaped by local artisans who find purpose and contribute to their community as they become experienced potters. Not only is Wonki Ware's mission beautiful, but the landscape surrounding the workshop is too! George is located on South Africa's Garden Route, a region along the nation's south eastern coast that's known for its mild weather and stunning topography.

Situated between the forested Outeniqua and Tsitsikamma Mountains and the Indian Ocean, the Garden Route offers dramatic coastline vistas, a scattering of vineyards drawn by the gentle climate, and an abundance of wildlife including several rare whale species. The region is also home to a unique type of shrubland known as fynbos, an incredibly diverse, heath-like floral kingdom that's home to thousands of plants found nowhere else on Earth. The Garden Route is also known for its friendly locals, who contribute to the warm and vibrant spirit reflected in every piece of Wonki Ware. Take a peek, above, at some of the Garden Route's most breathtaking sights.

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