How-To: Floral Wreath Pumpkins


With Halloween just around the corner, we've been brainstorming new ways to dress up pumpkins. This year, our favorite look is sweet instead of spooky-- we've been topping pumpkins of all shapes and sizes with wreaths of fresh and dried blooms. These gorgeous gourds are surprisingly simple to make, and the moisture inside the pumpkin will help to keep the flowers fresh for an extended time.

To create your pumpkin, use a drill or awl to create a circle of holes through the pumpkin rind; stagger the height of the holes slightly for a wreath that looks fuller. Be sure to angle the holes slightly upward to keep the flowers from drooping. Snip the stems of dried flowers and fresh cuts to the appropriate length, then tuck them into the pumpkin. For botanicals with narrow stems, use a small bunch for each hole. Our stylists also suggest trying out different patterns that complement the shape of your pumpkin, or switching out the botanicals for fresh looks throughout harvest season. 

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