Fuga: A Conversation with Yana Osmanova


One of the most inspiring aspects of our work is discovering independent, innovative artisans from around the globe - and bringing their wares back to terrain for you. One of our most recent finds is Fuga, a tableware brand founded in 2015 by Yana Osmanova that’s inspired by traditional Russian techniques and forms. Russian-born, Yana spent her summers growing up in Turkey with relatives, and spent in England and the US for art school as an adult – and this global perspective is apparent in her work. We had the chance to chat with Yana recently about the inspiration, techniques, and mission behind her craft.

terrain: Hi Yana! Thanks for taking the time to talk with us. Your pieces are so unique - can you talk about your process for making them?

Yana: Thank you! Oak and clay are hand-crafted using traditional Northern craft techniques to become modern and functional cutting and serving boards, bowls, plates, trays, boxes, and vases. Water mixed with salts makes our wood dark. Open fire burns our ceramics to black. Skilled craftsmen infuse spirit into them. All our objects are textured with a chainsaw, a modern alternative to an axe that was used by our ancestors for cutting out rough homewares from wood. Production time depends on a piece, but it usually takes around 15 days for an item to be ready for use.

terrain: Where do you find inspiration for your collections?

Yana: I get inspired by early cultures and finding beauty in our roots. Natural materials, ancient symbols, handcraft and traditional techniques are my major tools. Fuga tells a story of ancient times when human lived in harmony with nature, with a connection between beauty and functionality. For example, our basic North collection is inspired by majestic Northern nature and culture - cold seas, deep forests, northern lights, folk songs, fairy tales, shamanic rituals, and snow cracking underfoot. Diverse patterns seem to be carved on the rough wooden tableware by the frost and icy winds themselves.

terrain: Can you talk a little bit about your mission – that you want to bring beauty into people’s everyday lives – and why that’s important to you?

Yana: It sounds obvious, but I believe that beauty will save the world and I do what I can to make it happen. My aim is to bring the traditional meaningful hand-crafted product to the modern home fashion and hospitality market. Simple, everyday rituals build our character and our lives, in the end. Filling them with beauty introduces balance and harmony to one's soul.

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