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Nicole Cole

To celebrate the espirit de corps of the holiday season, we hosted a very special harvest gathering in our Styer's Hot House. We invited local artists and designers to share a meal with folks from our own team, each bringing their individual talents and personality to the table, from the place settings to the main course. It was an evening of friendly conversation, creative inspiration, and good cheer. After, we chatted with each guest about their contribution to the table in the hopes of taking their ideas and inspiration to our own upcoming holiday gatherings.

First up, we're chatting with Philadelphia-based interior designer Nicole Cole, who curated the tablescape with finds from our seasonal entertaining collection. The founder of local studio vestige HOME, Nicole shares with us her design process for putting together the Friendsgiving table, her favorite moment from the dinner, and a thoughtful entertaining tip for the holiday season.

Friendsgiving Table

terrain: Can you walk us through your design process for our Friendsgiving table? We love how everything came together so effortlessly and beautifully.

Nicole: For the terrain Friendsgiving table, I focused on creating a relaxed and inviting feel, with subtle hints of contrast and texture. I wanted to create something contrary to the typical autumn decor we usually see with darker tones, browns, yellows, oranges. Simple, marble serving trays paired with the textural black footed bowl for our appetizers adds contrast. The foraged centerpiece anchored the center of the table and the soft linen runner added a hint of texture. The linen napkins with subtle black stripes added contrast and are the perfect backdrop for our Ronni Nicole floral fossil gifts. I like to keep my gatherings relaxed, even on the holidays, so we mismatched the napkins slightly. For the serving pieces, I wanted to bring more contrast in the table with more natural wood tones and black accents. The carved patterns in the wood platters add textural interest and the layered glazes on the handmade ceramic platters not only add more contrast to the table.

terrain: What was your favorite part about the terrain Friendsgiving?

Nicole: I loved being able to gather, eat, and visit with friends as the day shifted into evening. We chatted (phone-free!) about our lives in more depth than we ever otherwise would have. And, of course, being surrounded by all the lush plant life made things even more cozy! I’m contemplating Thanksgiving in our sunroom next year to replicate the experience. I was especially delighted by the honey pie at the end of the meal, it was so rich and delicious!

terrain: Do you have piece of holiday entertaining advice you can share with us?

Nicole: Keep things simple and add one element that delights you. Whether it is foraging for a table centerpiece, grandma’s flatware, or bringing out your favorite handmade ceramic bowl you bought the last time you traveled. It doesn’t have to be a big production–the time spent with those you love is what makes it most meaningful.

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Friendsgiving Table

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