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It wouldn’t be a terrain dinner without a foraged centerpiece arrangement, all wild, textural, and full–and this year’s harvest gathering was no exception. Laura T., our art director, and Adelyn D., our stylist, worked together to forage and design a lasting centerpiece that will live on through Thanksgiving and the celebrations to follow. We stopped by our photo studio to catch up with Adelyn and Laura to get their tips on foraging, arranging, and having fun with the process.

terrain: How did you find these plants for the arrangement, Laura? Can you talk to us about how you like to forage for centerpieces?

Laura: I start with looking for the colors of the season–we always think of orange as a color for Thanksgiving, so here we deconstructed that by adding reds and yellows. I also think that we associate browns in traditional floral arrangements with decay, but in a more wild, natural arrangement, it brings an earthiness that is actually elegant. Whenever I’m foraging, I’m not selective, this isn’t the time to edit! Just pick whatever catches your eye.


terrain: Can you walk us through your design process for this gorgeous arrangement? Did you start with a feeling or mood in mind?

Adelyn: Having initially seen all of the cuttings that Laura T. foraged, everything felt so wild, as if it were all freshly cut from a meadow. I wanted to stay true to that, in having the arrangement be very wild and organic; channeling these meadow vibes. Of course this was a more fall-inspired arrangement, and with that I focused on building around the golden rod. I loved the golden yellow color, and since this was the most dense out of all of the fresh cuts, I wanted that to be the core of the centerpiece. I then added in pops of a more vibrant autumn color scheme using the red foraged leaves, some fresh and faux orange, yellow, and red berries and the green and yellow leafy vines. I added in various grasses and cattails alongside the berry stems, and lastly used the white flowers to balance out the reds, oranges and yellows.

terrain: Can you give a couple design ideas that are specific to creating an arrangement that’s going to go on the table as opposed to an entryway, counter, or mantel?

Adelyn: Just have fun with it! I wasn’t sure what I wanted it to look like at first, but I knew I wanted it to be wild and true to the materials being used. As I began to place the larger goldenrod stems and layer in the “filler” white flowers, red leaf cuttings, and grasses it all kind of just came together. After creating the arrangement, I went back and made sure that the guests could see over it. While you want it to be a statement piece and central focus point on the table, you want to make sure you can still see one another. The grasses I used for the height element were perfect because they were wispy enough to see through them, rather than having a dense wall of flowers. All of these foraged cuts were neutral in their scent, which means they didn’t interfere with all of the wonderful smells of a Thanksgiving meal.

If you'd like a wild and natural centerpiece of your own but don't have the time to forage for yourself, contact our Design by Terrain team and let them create one for you!

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