Fresh Greens with Ryan Jane Co.


Floral designers, fellow Philadelphians, and longtime friends; Matt and Melissa of Ryan Jane Co. have been bringing their botanical and design magic to terrain since our earliest days, and we're thrilled that they've offered to stop by the bulletin now and again to share the latest excitement from their busy workshop. In this installment, the duo shares the story behind the fresh greens they designed just for us this holiday season.

"For the holidays this year, we designed a line of holiday greens exclusively for terrain.  We wanted to take a different approach to the traditionally shaped wreath, and find a way to highlight the special elements of each garland, wreath, or swag. We were excited to get to do both for our Pine + Bells and Pepperberry + Birch collections. For each of them, our branch frames, pine, spruce, and holly are harvested locally and sustainably, and every piece is made carefully by hand here in Philadelphia. Our favorite part of these collections is that, because we work with found material, each branch takes on its own personality as we work with it, so that each finished piece reads differently and no two look or feel exactly alike."


Photo courtesy of Ryan Jane Co.

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