A Foraged Wildflower Centerpiece


For a simple and seasonal centerpiece that celebrates the bounty of late summer, we recently turned to our own backyard-- Philadelphia's Navy Yard. Just steps from our waterfront office, Narrative Photographer Isa S. gathered a bounty of wildflowers to fill a weathered zinc trough from our Habit + Form collection. Bold sprays of bronze sedge and fountain grasses balance the lacy blooms of Queen Anne's lace and yellow sweet clover, while mullein seed pods add a touch of upright texture. Take a peek, above, at some behind-the-scenes shots from Isa's foraging excursion, and read on for our complete list of wildflowers

What we picked:
Yellow sweet clover
White aster
Mullein seed pods
Queen Anne's lace
Joe Pye weed
Purple clover
Bronze sedge grass
Fountain grass

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  • queenMJB said...

    this is so lovely, and i'm inspired to get out into the fields of Maine and forage for wild flowers. i'm wondering however, what's inside the trough -- water? soil? nothing? thanks!! MJ

  • Lisa4SF said...

    Per below, buying and sowing native wildflower seed would certainly mitigate that!

  • Lisa4SF said...

    This is so beautiful; however, I wanted to write and hopefully discourage readers from picking rare or endangered wildflowers. Some, but not all, are plentiful, and some are very dear. It may sound finicky, but picking such would prevent regrowth in the following years for posterity to also enjoy. Thank you

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