Our Foraged Tree


Though we love a tree decked out in bright ornaments and twinkling lights, we're taking a more natural approach to this year's holiday evergreen. The star of our annual tree lighting at Styer's was the wild and wonderful fir above, trimmed with an array of foraged finds. To get the look, we started with an unsheared tree for a natural look; noble firs are an excellent choice thanks to their strong branches and unique, open-growth branch pattern. Leaning birch poles accented the shape of the tree, while bright clusters of red dogwood and winterberry branches added a burst of Christmas color. Next, we layered garlands of contrasting greens, dried vines, and metallic leaves between the branches alongside our classic globe lights. Finally, we nestled small hanging baskets around the tree as a nod to the garden. The best part? Our foraged tree is equally at home indoors and out. If placed in the landscape, it will provide birds and wildlife with food and nesting materials after the holidays end, spreading good cheer far and wide.

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