3 Floral Design Principles for Unexpected Arrangements


The chicken is roasting in the oven, the wine is chilling in the refrigerator -- the only thing left to do before your dinner party guests arrive? Set the table. “Fresh cuts are such a fun way to challenge and expand your creative limits,” our floral designer Matthew M. says, and we recently had the opportunity to watch Matthew create one of his gorgeously wild arrangements. Read on to learn how he incorporates three simple principles into his most unexpected floral designs.

1. Natural movement. Matthew uses a low brass bowl as the base to create a sprawling arrangement that lends texture and visual interest to the whole table, while also keeping sightlines clear during dinner. This movement brings the arrangement to life and gives an energy to the flowers and “keeps the eye constantly discovering something.”

2. Contrasting elements. Here, contrast doesn’t mean just with light and dark. By pairing “ornate and formal” asiatic lilies with the “wispy wildgrasses” he found on the roadside, Matthew creates balance and harmony in his arrangement. This high/low style makes the arrangement look natural, effortless, and just a little undone.

3. Unexpected details. “This true joy of design for me is making someone think a little bit, catching them off guard,” Matthew says about sprinkling in unusual touches to his arrangements, like pairing soft, delicate pastel pinks with vibrant, bold yellows. Try keeping your focal point simple and having fun around the perimeter with exotic grasses or sculptural branches.

We hope you enjoy creating your own arrangements at home - but if you’d rather leave it to a professional, the Design By Terrain teams provides flower expertise and a creative perspective, personally tailored to suit your style.

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