The Easter Tree: Floating Flower Ornaments


As Easter approaches, trees and bushes in gardens across Germany will come alive with colorful decorations as citizens carry on the centuries-old tradition of the Easter Tree. In Germany, many Eastern European countries, and the Pennsylvania Dutch communities of the United States, Easter is celebrated with trees decked in colorful eggs that symbolize the return of life and arrival of spring. Indoors, cut branches decorated with bright, spring accessories take the place of trees. Traditionally, the Easter Tree is covered with painted eggs, but we chose our fillable glass ornaments for a fresh take on this cheerful display. Filled with a bit of water and just-plucked blooms, these one-of-a-kind ornaments make for an ephemeral Easter when suspended from blossoming branches.

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Tulip Magnolia Branches
Fillable Glass Ornament
Spring Chicken Clip Set

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