Five Plants for Summer Skincare


Summer can be tough on the skin-- buzzing bugs, bright sun, and saltwater swims all take a toll on your complexion. This year, we're keeping our faces fresh with natural remedies that incorporate some of our favorite botanicals. While there are countless plants that can keep skin glowing all summer long, we've chosen five favorites to conquer the season's skin challenges.

Lavender: Lavender essential oil is our pick for taking along on summer hikes or trips to the orchard, since its natural antiseptic and analgesic properties make it ideal for relieving bug bites, stings, and scratches. Rubbing lavender oil on dry or chapped skin is also a way to add a quick burst of moisture.

Aloe: Thanks to its soothing effects on summer sunburns, aloe is a standby when it comes to botanical skincare. Packed with an antioxidant-rich blend including beta carotene, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E, its healing gel also fights aging, reduces inflammation, and discourages blemishes. A touch of aloe before applying makeup also provides natural moisture without a greasy feel-- perfect for looking fresh faced all summer long.

Clary Sage: This hardworking herb is our pick for treating oily skin in hot and humid climates; clary sage oil has antiseptic and astringent properties that balance skin and cleanse pores. It also promotes skin cell regeneration, helping to prevent fine lines after time spent in the sun. 

Rose: Once the roses in your garden bloom, make your own rosewater for a simple and sweet-smelling skin remedy that's especially great for dry skin. The natural sugars in rose petals have a soothing effect on tired skin, while natural oils conserve moisture to help skin look smoother and fresher. Some experts also suggest that rosewater helps heal damage to elastins in the skin after sun exposure, preventing fine lies from forming. 

Witch Hazel: Our pick for beating the heat, a spritz of witch hazel can refresh oily skin or soothe a sunburn, while also tightening pores for a smoother appearance. Witch hazel helps to remove impurities, making it especially great as a cleanser after a summer day outside. When used after washing your face, it also serves as a natural moisturizer, minimizing water loss in the outer layer of the skin.

Photo Credits: Lavender by terrain; Aloe Vera by Tim Haynes; Clary Sage by James Austin; Roses by Amarpreet K; Witch Hazel by Wendy Cutler

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