Five Floral Favorites with Kristen Caissie of Moon Canyon


Spring is off to a slow start here on the East Coast, but we've been staying bright with a little help from a colorful arrangement made by LA floral designer Kristen Caissie of Moon Canyon. She created her design, bursting with fritillaria, tulip, magnolia branch, daffodil, narcissus, viburnum, foxglove, and ranunculus, to represent spring in California for our Signs of Spring floral collection. Kristen and photographer Kimberly Genevieve sent so many lovely photos that we just couldn't resist sharing a few more snaps from their shoot. We also caught up with Kristen and asked her to share five of her floral favorites for spring and beyond.

terrain: First, can you tell us a little more about yourself and your designs?

Kristen: I'm florist from New England who has grown new roots in Los Angeles. I feel my design aesthetic is the melding of the two environments. At times, I feel my arrangements capture both the lush new England forests and the ever-stretching LA landscapes. 

Moving to California has allowed me to be inspired by the new. I adore LA and love having a business here. I wanted Moon Canyon to be a boutique studio that specializes in wedding and event florals, and here in LA I have been able to do just that. I LOVE the wedding industry out here and have had so much fun working with all the beautiful venues and wonderful coordinators. I am truly blessed. 

terrain: What’s your favorite place in LA to find inspiration?

Kristen: I would say my favorite place to find inspiration in LA is hiking in Malibu. I adore those canyons and the salt water breezes that come up through the trees. 

terrain: You’ve already told us what you loved about spring—what’s your favorite season in LA?

Kristen: The winter in LA is really, really pleasant. I like when it's cooler at night and the rain makes all the hills green and lush.The air feels a bit more fresh then, too. You can start to feel the life coming back into the foliage. The summer and fall are so hot and dry that come winter we're all so relieved. It's kind of the way I used to feel about spring growing up in New England.

terrain: What’s your favorite type of occasion to design flowers for?

Kristen: I really like designing for weddings. I have a bit of a romantic style, which lends itself quite nicely to the occasion. 

terrain: What’s your favorite part of the design process?

Kristen: I like being in the studio and zoning out. When I am actually putting my "pen to paper," so to speak, and playing with the flowers. 

terrain: What’s your favorite place to display flowers in your own home?

Kristen: The shower-- I have a deep ledge where I can display a petite vase of blooms. I especially like to put scented flowers in there, like narcissus or tuberose. 

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