First Look: The Westport Nursery Expansion


We recently celebrated the official unveiling of our Westport, CT nursery expansion and we’re excited to show you photos of the transformation here! We chatted with our visual field director, Melissa Bartley, to get the scoop on all the upgrades to the nursery and what she's most eager for you to see.

Melissa says the store team realized early on that they’d need more space at Westport—both for an expanded nursery and to accommodate additional parking. By converting the existing nursery into parking and building the new nursery on the property directly behind the store, she says they were able to accomplish both goals, along with expanding the cafe patio seating area and the Design by Terrain studio.

“We can fit so much more into the space in a more navigable way,” Melissa says. “By shifting the greenhouse structure, the flow through the nursery is so much better and allows for so much more space for containers, furniture, and plants. Really, it’s just more space to inspire!”

One of the more transformative aspects of the expansion is the arbor that divides the parking area from the store. Melissa says “we’re thrilled to have a real threshold into the plant nursery. It’s visually defining and serves as a great backdrop for the plants and containers. Now you truly feel like you’ve stepped into terrain without the distraction of cars rushing by. We also love having the mature trees on site as a part of our garden.”

“I love the new placement of the greenhouse structure,” Melissa says of her personal favorite aspect of the expansion. “It sits further back on the property now and acts as a destination spot. As a garden brand, it’s important to me that the nursery elements really define the space and I think the greenhouse structure as a backdrop really makes this happen.”

She also says she “really loves the introduction of gravel in the space,” rather than relying exclusively on pavers for the walkway as we had before. “Our flagship store in Glen Mills, PA is mostly pea gravel and the ways in which that particular stone holds humidity, works with our fixtures, and feels underfoot is authentically terrain.”

The expanded nursery “is more open, which means we can use it for outdoor festivals and planting events in the future,” Melissa says. “Holiday will be especially magical here—just wait!”

If you’re local, be sure to stop by our Westport, CT location to check out the new nursery for yourself. Or visit a store nearby you to explore.

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