Welcome, Spring


Here at terrain, the first day of spring is the most-anticipated day of the year. Though it looks like this Sunday's spring equinox might bring snow on the East Coast, we know it won't be long now until the first flowers are blooming and we're back in the garden. We asked the terrain team what they're doing to celebrate the start of the season, and it sounds like everyone has big plans. Read on to find out what we've got in store, and share how you're welcoming spring in the comments!

"My parents recently bought a farm, so I plan to spend the first day of spring there. My mom and I are planting cool-weather vegetables that can handle those last days of frost-- we've always called it 'onion snow.' We'll also spend some time planning for the lavender field that we're planting on Mother's Day." - Katie H., Product Photographer

"Every year on the first day of spring, my kids and I plant sweet peas and garden peas in recycled egg cartons. I actually learned that it's the perfect time of year to start these seeds from Martha Stewart, who I worked for before joining terrain. She passed along the tip from her father, who was an accomplished gardener." - Julie C., Westport Operations Supervisor

"I always celebrate the beginning of spring with the first ice cream cone of the year." - Vanessa L., Web Coordinator

"We're planning to start lots of seeds here at the office. We'll be planting lavender, teddy bear sunflowers, tomatoes, herbs, and gherkins to transfer in a few weeks to our gardens at home." - Cat K., Community Manager & Melissa M., Web Merchandiser

"At my house, it's time for spring cleaning! I'm rounding up my three boys and doing a major closet refresh-- good-bye winter boots, hello sandals." - Shine C., Operations Manager

"I always like to spend time near the water on the first day of spring-- whether it's at the beach, by the lake, on the riverfront, or somewhere else. It gets me thinking about warmer days ahead. I adopted a dog over the winter, so I think he and I will take a long walk along the Philadelphia waterfront this weekend." - Sarah D., Product Coordinator

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