Fireside Coffee with La Colombe


On chilly days, we love settling down with a cozy cup of coffee in the kitchen or beside the fire. For the ultimate winter warm up, we joined forces with La Colombe and Tasting Table to give away $500 gift cards from both terrain and Tasting Table, plus a year’s supply of La Colombe coffee and gear

One of our most essential pieces for brewing at home or around the fire pit is the Chemex shown above. This pour-over system produces a clean and refreshing cup every time, emphasizing the bright flavors of your favorite beans. Its simple, timeless design is also a welcome sight on our kitchen counter. Read on to find La Colombe’s tips for the perfect Chemex cup, and enter the contest below to create your perfect winter warm up.

What you’ll need:
Paper filter
Gram scale
Freshly ground coffee
Hot water

To start, weigh out 30 grams of your favorite coffee at a medium grind. Right now, we’re loving Mexican Sierra Sur, a high-altitude coffee that offers flowery notes of rose and honeysuckle. Heat 510 grams (17 oz.) of water to around 204®F, just below boiling. Our ratio of coffee to water is approximately 1:17, but feel free to experiment! Wet your filter with hot water before brewing to remove any papery flavor and preheat the Chemex, then pour out the rinse water.

Now you’re ready to pour! Add the coffee into your Chemex, then place it on the scale and add 60 grams of water. Allow 30 seconds for the coffee to bloom, then add the remaining water. For the best brew, try to keep the level of water and coffee consistent in the filter by pouring in pulses.

From bloom to finish, your brew should take about 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Once the water finishes descending, remove the filter and enjoy the scent of fresh coffee as you await your morning brew!

Enter the Winter Warm Up Giveaway here.

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