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With Father's Day just two weeks away, we're getting ready to celebrate all things Dad. In preparation, we caught up with terrain garden expert and brand-new Dad, Chris D., whose little guy Cy was born in March. Chris shared his insights on new parenthood, and gave us a few of his recommendations for what dads really want for Father’s Day. 

terrain: What has been the most rewarding thing about fatherhood so far?

Chris: Just within the past couple of weeks, Cy has begun to respond to my voice - I have a feeling that he knows exactly who I am by now - and along with this has come smiles, chirps, coos, shouts, and some other reaction that I like to interpret as a laugh! I’m still not sure if my wife actually thinks that I'm funny, but I’m fairly confident that Cy thinks I’m a riot! I finally have the captive audience I've always felt my comedic stylings deserved. Being able to make him laugh and smile is just an overwhelming feeling for me. We have nonsensical conversations quite often - not many actual words are used just tonal babblings, gestures, and "laughs." This has been my favorite thing about fatherhood so far…communicating with my son.

terrain: What have you found the most surprising?

Chris: I'd never have described myself as a "morning person;” I’m a night owl by nature. But now I find myself asleep most nights by 9:30 and wide awake the next morning by 5:30 or 6, which has been quite a turnaround. Morning is quickly becoming my most favorite time of the day. I just can’t wait for Cy to open his eyes and have the chance to see him smile or make a sound. I’ve found myself volunteering to do the morning wake up routine to enjoy quiet mornings with Cy, because it’s when he’s most alert and most talkative. He’s got a great view of the city skyline from his nursery and a great cross breeze - our morning hang is quickly becoming sacred to me and the perfect way to ease into the day. Getting up two hours earlier than I'm used to is surprisingly awesome.

terrain: In your opinion, what sort of gift makes for the best Father’s Day present? 

Chris: Right now, a perfectly cooked steak and a nap sound just about perfect. But truth be told, I’m really hoping to receive our Scout Rosewood Pocket Knife - I love the idea of heirloom gifts that can survive for generations and generations.There's nothing more perfect to give your son or dad than a really special pocket knife - and this American made beauty fits the bill. Being an avid gardener and camper, a handy knife is invaluable and something I usually keep on my person. I love the idea of using this knife for a long while and then sharing a special moment with my son when I pass it off to him someday after we use it to set up camp after a day of exploring in the woods.

If your dad is a gardener like me, then he'd love our Serrated Hori Hori. Over the years, I’ve found the hori hori to be the most indispensable tool in my gardening bag. This thing does everything thing and is a beefier upgrade to the one I've been toting for years. It even has a built-in bottle opener, for so I can sit back and enjoy the day’s accomplishments in the yard with an adult beverage. 

I've also been thinking about things that Cy and I can experience together. I think a great gift is also one that leads to spending time together, and that’s the type of gift I’d like to get from Cy. He’s much too young now, but I can’t help but gravitating to our Shittake Mushroom Log. If he was the right age, it would be the perfect catalyst for spending time doing two of my favorite hobbies: gardening and cooking. I have a few logs in my garden already, and it’s amazing to watch the mushrooms grow, then harvest them up and incorporate them in whatever I’m cooking for dinner. If I’m lucky, Cy will be interested in the same hobbies that I am, and if not…maybe he could humor me while his old man geeks out over growing his own edible mushrooms from a log! 

Tangible things aside, what I want most for Father's Day is time with my son, as well as my own father. One thing I've realized in this new chapter of my life is how important I must be to my own father. As far as traditions go, one that I'd like to set in stone moving forward is that the three of us simply spend the day together. It could be a wild adventure or merely watching the Phillies game. If we're together, it will be a perfect Father’s Day.

 terrain: This will be your first Father’s Day, how do you plan on celebrating?

Chris: This Father’s Day, I'd like Cy and myself to fire up my old Volkswagen bus and take our dog Floyd to a big open field for a run. There are few things in life that give me as much pleasure as watching Floyd run-- it’s a thing of beauty. He's an Italian Greyhound, so he was built to run. Cy is just starting to notice him - Floyd and that VW are two of my favorite things to put in motion - I can’t wait to share that with him. After that, I think we'll head to the coast and make good on year one of spending Father’s Day with my dad. When we get home, I'd love to end the day on our roof watching the sun set over the city as he falls asleep. And of course - when he's old enough - I'll teach him how to fix me a proper Manhattan and we'll throw that in the mix as well. 

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