Terrain Tips: The Fall Mantel


Now that chilly fall evenings have arrived, the fireplace is coming into focus as a centerpiece of the home. Our mantel at Styer's recently got a seasonal makeover courtesy of Display Coordinator Suzie A. We caught up with Suzie for her styling tips, then got a few additional suggestions from Stylist Alli M. Read on for their fall mantel ideas.

Suzie says, "This mantel is a moody take on classic country style. Fall is a great opportunity to experiment with color as a way to add subtle interest. On this mantel, I kept it loose with a honeysuckle vine garland wrapped with our favorite Pressed Metal Leaf Garlands, Stargazer Frosted Globe Lights, and sprigs of preserved fern for a touch of green. I allowed the garlands to spill over the sides of the mantel, because I loved the contrast between the metal leaves and the slate blue paint. To add color, contrast, and variety in texture, I popped in some bright gourds and specialty pumpkins. Finally, I added three wreaths above the mantel to bring the eye up, and to tie the look together with more metal leaves."

Alli adds, "Fall is a great time to bring the garden indoors with cuttings from the garden on top of the mantel. You can add new fresh cuts throughout the season, or dry a few favorites for more permanent décor. I also love displaying heirloom pumpkins and gourds-- there are so many unusual varieties! Finally, I like to light up the mantel with a line of lanterns, like our Metal Houses, filled with Stargazer Lights instead of candles to make illuminating them a breeze."

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