Ask Our Experts: Fall Gardening Tips


Garden season is winding down as the temperatures drop, but we're not ready to say goodbye to our favorite blooms just yet. In search of tips for making the best of our gardens as the seasons change, we turned to our experts-- Creative Director Greg L. and Senior Plant Buyer Steven H. From indoor gardening to winterizing, here are their best bets for a flourishing fall.

Extend the Season: Fall doesn't mean that plants have to be thrown away; enjoy their transformations for as long as possible. As nightly temperatures dip lower, some leaves will turn color and others will drop. The beautiful structure that once supported the leaves is left behind-- consider it a living sculpture. To keep flowering plants bright a little longer, throw a light fabric over them at night to keep frost at bay and remove it each morning. Plants can be kept alive well past the first frost by covering. 

Replant: Throw away old seasonal plants and pick out a fresh selection for the holiday season. Think ahead to Christmas with hardy wintergreen, pine, miniature conifers, and holly. If you plan ahead, this is also a great time to plant perennials that will come back in the spring. In the meantime, they can be hidden among their fall and winter neighbors. 

Overwinter Indoors: Tropical plants, some annuals, and plants that go dormant can be brought indoors during the colder months. For dormant plants, let them die back and enjoy their structure throughout the winter. Tropical and subtropical plants, such as gardenia and hibiscus, can be brought inside as well. Finally, annuals can be cut and rooted in a sunny window. Keep in mind that they might not thrive inside; it's a common misconception that all plants will be as lush indoors as they are outside. In reality, they'll be in a half-alive state-- but that's okay! The goal of bringing them indoors is to keep them alive so they can thrive outdoors again in the spring. 

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