Fall Foliage Predictions


Depending on the place you call home, fall foliage season may be in full swing or yet to begin. Each autumn, we eagerly await the moment when leaves splash the landscape with vibrant gold and saturated crimson. Some years, however, we're greeted with drab colors or a leaf-peeping season that's all too brief. According to The Old Farmer's Almanac, 2017 will be spectacular year for foliage. A few factors combine for exceptional fall color -- read on to learn more.

Sunlight: As daylight hours shorten, deciduous trees begin to form a cork-like layer between branch and leaf. This eventually seals off the leaf from nutrients and water, causing the chlorophyll inside to die. The green hue of chlorophyll is then replaced by other pigments that are hidden during the summer months, lending the leaves their red and yellow tints. The cork layer triggered by a lack of sunlight also causes the leaf to fall from the tree at the end of the season.

Moisture: A wet growing season paired with dry autumn days is an ideal combination for bright and beautiful leaves. A reaction between sunlight and sugars trapped in the leaves can produce additional pigment, leading to even more vibrant foliage.

Temperature: Colder temperatures can cause an early end to chlorophyll production, which means a faster change and more vivid color. Nights that are cool but without frost lead to the longest run of colorful leaves. Once a hard frost hits, lackluster leaves can be expected. 

What's the fall foliage forecast for your region? Check out The Old Farmer's Almanac for all the details. 

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