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From the rocky coast of Maine to the vineyards of California wine country, there are incredible fall colors to behold all across America. We rounded up a list of our favorite foliage to create an old-fashioned, fall color tour road trip. Do autumnal hues reign supreme in your hometown? Snap a picture on Instagram with hashtag #terrainfallcolor and we’ll regram our favorites throughout the season via @shopterrain.

1. Brown County State Park, Indiana: Better known for its sprawling, flat farmland, many are surprised to learn of the rolling hills Brown County offers. Home to Indiana’s largest state park, the area boasts fall colors in breathtaking russet and copper hues. Hop out of the car and enjoy the array of activities the park has to offer, from horseback riding to mountain biking trails.

2.  Blueberry Barrens, Maine: Travel off the beaten path to view the spectacular color of northern Deblois, where wild blueberry barrens, alight with fruit all summer long, erupt into a rich sight of rose-colored shrubs that stretches for miles.  

3.  Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina: A drive along North Carolina’s portion of the famed Blue Ridge Parkway, just south of Asheville, isn’t just a drive; it’s a destination for fall color seekers. Surrounded by preserved forests, mountain activities and camp sites abound. The road also passes through historic towns that offer opportunities to explore the heritage of the region. 

4.  Maroon Bells Mountains, Colorado: A trip down to crystal clear Maroon Lake during late September will not disappoint thanks to the electric gold of the iconic, Colorado Aspen trees. Located in the White River National Forest, this 2.3 million acre destination is one of the top recreational forests in the nation and a photographer’s delight. 

5.  Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyoming: Comprised of 3.4 million acres of land and fresh water, sights and delights are in no short supply in Bridger-Teton National Forest. From captivating wildlife to scenic rivers with mountain views, a fall visit to the area offers a backdrop bursting in crimson, goldenrod, and rust set against a clear, Western sky. 

6.  Sonoma, California: Sonoma is of California’s most lauded wine regions, rivaling Napa Valley. Here, one can take in the sights of sprawling vineyards as the leaves on the grape vines change color, all while sipping a glass of pinot noir and surveying the unique architecture of the area. Bliss! 

Image Credits: 1. Midwest Living; 2. Maine Travel Maven; 3. Francis Trudeau; 4. Scott Mecum; 5. U.S. Department of Agriculture; 6. Lee W. Nelson

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