Fall Bulb Planting


The first thing that comes to mind when we think of bulbs is spring, but right now is the perfect time to sow next year's show stoppers! Available exclusively in stores, our bulb collections are ready for fall planting. Hand-selected by plant buyer Karen C., each collection offers a concentrated color display that will bloom in various forms and heights from late winter through early summer. “We were very picky with these assortments,” says Karen. “We selected only what we would really want to put in our own gardens – striking colors or forms (dark Fritillaria persica, sherbet Hyacinth ‘Gypsy Queen,' drumstick-shaped Allium sphaerocephalon), new and unusual varieties (Crocus ‘Orange Monarch,’ Iris ‘Lion King,’ Tulip ‘Weber’s Parrot Spectrum’), and proven performers (Galanthus, Muscari ‘Peppermint,' Tulip ‘Parade’). We’re also going a step beyond and calling out particular bulbs with a special “terrain favorite” sticker, like the Narcissus ‘Rip Van Winkle’—an unusual, spiky form of yellow daffodil.”

“These bulbs need to be planted in the fall or early winter, as they require a period of cool temperatures in order to bloom in the spring,” says Karen. “It’s important to get them in the ground before it freezes (6 weeks before, if possible), as they need some time to develop strong roots. Plant them to the depth suggested on the package, normally about 3-6 inches, water them thoroughly, and let them go! Bulbs in general are remarkably tough and require little care.”

After the bulbs bloom in the spring, Karen recommends letting the leaves remain as long as possible so the plant can build up the energy to bloom again next year. Instead of cutting back, try to camouflage any unsightly bulb foliage with blooming annuals and perennials for breathtaking botanicals all season long!

Ready to start planting? Visit our stores to take home these brand-new bulb collections.

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