Fall Bulb Planting Guide


Though garden season is quickly winding down, we're already looking ahead to next spring with a collection of bulbs for fall planting. Sourced from farms in the Netherlands, our collection of over 80 bulbs includes traditional favorites as well as hard-to-find 'top size' varieties that are cultivated for an extra year to produce exceptional numbers of blooms. To prepare for a colorful spring garden, plant your fall bulbs before the first frost; in southern regions without a hard frost, plant by early November. We recommend choosing a mix of early and late-bloomers for abundant flowers throughout the spring. 

Choose an area with well-drained soil for planting, adding compost or peat to improve areas with high clay content. When you're ready to plant, dig an individual hole for each bulb; we created the depth guide above for eight of our autumn favorites. In general, bulbs should be planted at a depth that's 2-3 times the height of the bulb itself, with the depth measured from the bottom of the bulb. Be sure to place the bulb with the roots downward, and cover completely with soil. After planting, water the bulbs thoroughly and mark your calendar for spring blooms. Read on to learn a bit more about our favorite fall bulbs.

Iris 'Halloween Halo': A deer-resistant variety that loves sunny spaces, this fragrant iris blooms in both spring and fall with crisp, white petals accented in yellow and orange.

Eranthis cilicica: Ideal for grouped plantings in shady spots, these compact and cheerful flowers add a bright splash of yellow to the garden in early spring.

Muscari 'Peppermint': With striking, ombre blooms in shades of blue, this fragrant muscari is a hardy and deer-resistant addition to the early spring garden.

Crocus 'Lady Killer': One of the earliest bloomers in the garden, this delicate crocus appears in late winter. Its violet markings and grassy foliage also make it a great pick for colorful container plantings.

Anemone 'de Caen Bi-Color': A perfect choice for cutting gardens, these compact anemones bloom in complementary shades of white, purple, and red.

Tulip 'Angelique': Fragrant and winter hardy, this double tulip makes a spectacular addition to garden beds and fresh arrangements thanks to its ruffled, nearly translucent petals.

Narcissus 'Eaton Song': This tall, early spring bloomer is a garden classic with pale yellow petals and a bright orange center.

Fritillaria persica: Impactful in gardens and cut arrangements alike, this late spring bloom features clusters of bell-shaped, burgundy flowers atop tall stems.

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