A Guide to Edible Flowers


With temperatures dropping, we're heading into the kitchen to welcome the arrival of baking season. We're also bringing the garden indoors by using edible blooms as toppers for our favorite treats. Hand-picked and carefully dried to maintain their vivid colors, these elegant garnishes are an effortless way to finish cakes, cocktails, and even salads. Take a glance at our edible garden guide, above, and read on for some favorite combinations.

Lavender Stems: A great pairing for sweet and savory treats alike, we also love these beautiful stems as cocktail garnishes.

Rose Petals: Delicate and richly colorful, these petite petals are an elegant topping for caramels and candies.

Cornflowers: These feathery blossoms add a pop of color to the dark greens of autumn salads.

White Daisies: With a pop-art shape and generous size, these bold blooms are the perfect choice for topping cupcakes.

White Pansies & Violas: We love to scatter these multi-hued flowers across frosted cakes; add a sprinkling of coarse-grained white sugar for festive sparkle.

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