Our Best Baskets for Easter Gifts


Easter baskets don’t have to be for just the kids; this year, we're using these classic carriers as unconventional wrap for springtime gifting. Whether you're thanking a hostess, celebrating a shower, or simply surprising a friend, a bountiful basket is sure to be a welcome treat. Even better, the gift wrap is a gift in itself! Simply decide on a theme – we chose gifts for the food lover (left), and a spring celebration (right)—then create a base of fresh greens and flowers in your favorite basket, tucking all the goodies among them. Read on for our basket ingredients, or dream up your own springtime gifts.

Food Lover's Basket
Woodland Coast Basket
Clump Moss
Belvoir Cordial 
Dot Straws
Bunny Bottle Stopper
Vegetable Garden Party Favors

Spring Treats Basket
Wire Circle Basket
Linnea's Lights Jar Candle, Grapefruit
Field Jar Candle, Spring Nectar
Rose Marshmallows
Painted Chocolate Eggs
Ceramic Bunny

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