A Driftwood Centerpiece


During a recent visit to Styer's, we spotted this striking container garden as we explored the nursery. Display Coordinator Suzie A. created the planting, pairing rugged driftwood and a textured Barnacle Bowl with the season's brightest blooms. As we plan our own container gardens for high summer, we asked Suzie and the visual team to share some seasonal inspiration. We're especially loving embellished planters like the one above as dramatic and long-lasting centerpieces for outdoor tables.

Suzie says, "Added elements like branches, driftwood, and grapewood in planted containers are a focus for me and the rest of the visual team right now. They add sculptural interest and provide consistency to the arrangement as the living elements change throughout the summer. The vessel is usually my starting point when planting a container. I chose this bowl for its wide opening, which provides plenty of space for the driftwood and for the plants to thrive around it, creating a small, self-contained landscape. As for the plants, perennial lupine is the star of the show; its form perfectly complements the driftwood. For color, I've added my favorite poppy, 'Champagne Bubbles,' which has variants of salmon, orange, yellow, and pink. The arrangement also includes 'Pink Fantasy' dahlia, which should bloom all season long, Helianthemum, Nasturtium, Irish moss to settle the eye, and rock garden chives for a little playfulness and whimsy."

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