Dig into Spring: A Floral Fossil Brunch with Artist Ronni Nicole


Every April, we celebrate the start of gardening season with our annual Dig into Spring Festival where we leap into the springtime spirit with a fully-stocked nursery, garden workshops, live music, and activities for the little ones. This year, we’re also hosting a special brunch with our good friend and Philadelphia artist, Ronni Nicole. While guests enjoy brunch, she’ll be sharing the process of making her beautiful floral fossils, providing background on her art form, demonstrating each stage of her fossils, and answering questions from the crowd. You may remember Ronni Nicole from our Gathering with Friends dinner back in November—and we recently caught up her again, ahead of the April 20th event, to dig even deeper into her artistic background, learn more about her inspiration, and hear what’s in store for her this season.

terrain: Hi Ronni Nicole! We’re so excited to be hosting you at Styer’s again. Last time we spoke, it was the start of fall and we’re now easing into spring. How does your work transition through the seasons?

Ronni Nicole: During the spring, summer, and early fall, I have an unlimited amount of flowers to work with, so it feels more organic and raw. In the winter, I'm a lot more structured and I plan ahead—since I don't have access to as many flowers, I focused more on the design. With spring on its way. I'm already feeling fruitful.

terrain: The tension between the ephemeral nature of flowers with the permanence of a fossil is so interesting. Can you talk a little bit about how you explore this balance in your work?

Ronni Nicole: When I think about my art now, I feel it's no different from when I was a child, pressing flowers between the pages of a book to create keepsakes for myself. It's my way of capturing a moment in nature and preserving it so that it lasts forever. When I press the flowers into the clay I'm imprinting all of its details too. It’s like I’m looking around, searching for the perfect scenic view so that I can snap a mental picture and recreate it in my arrangements. That's why you can feel the movement in my pieces, like a breeze just came through. By creating my floral-inspired fossils, their life is extended past a season and they become the background to our everyday lives.

terrain: Can you talk about what guests can expect at your brunch during the Dig into Spring festival?

Ronni Nicole: I am so honored to be working with terrain for Dig into Spring. Creating more experiences and connecting with those that love nature was something I really wanted to focus on this year. I'm looking forward to meeting some of my fans and getting to know them as well. I’ll often share snippets of my process on Instagram but this is an opportunity to see me complete one from start to finish. It's the perfect space to celebrate nature and all things flowers. Also, it's my first live art show. It's something we all will share together.

There’s still time to reserve your spot at the brunch table with Ronni Nicole! Click here for tickets.

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