Design by Terrain: Valentines


What are we loving this Valentine's Day? For a start, the five arrangements dreamed up by Matt M. and Meghan M. from the Design by Terrain team. With both fresh-cut and living options available, these blooms are our favorite greeting of the season. We checked in with Matt to learn a little more about each of these creative gifts:

Pucker Up: The lipstick tones in this bouquet range from the palest pinks to bright berries and electrifying corals. Classic beauties like peonies, dahlias, and gladiolas come together in a fresh, modern arrangement.

Meadow Fling: For the nature lover in all of us, we scooped together some of our cheeriest floral offerings in a gender-neutral palette of blue, lavender, and pale yellow. An exotic striped cryptanthus adds just the right amount of whimsy. 

Meet Cute: The charged cluster of plants spilling out of this perforated hanging bucket offers long-lasting appeal and a darling color palette to boot.

Head Over Heels: A hanging, zinc frame is the perfect showcase for a captivating succulent heart.

Going Steady: As if these little pots could get any more adorable, they're brimming with sweet succulents and a heart-shaped hoya plant that is cuter than words.  

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