Design by Terrain: Vacation Hardy Planters for Summer


Weeks spent at the beach with family, weekend getaways to the mountains with friends—summer is prime time for vacations spent away from home, relaxing and exploring. But summer is also the time when our gardens need the most care and attention with the sudden storms, bright sun, and high temps that the season brings. We talked with Deb Herbertson from our Design by Terrain team to get her expert tips on vacation hardy planters that will stay happy while you’re away.

terrain: This planter is so gorgeous, Deb! Can you talk to us about the inspiration behind it?

Deb: The inspiration for this planter is the beaches of southern California where I grew up. It is so hard to beat the drama of a large colorful bomb of succulents! The coastal landscapes of the west are filled with the wonderful architecture of succulents and grasses since they're so amenable to the near constant heat of the area. This planter feels fun and sophisticated—I wanted to capture the casual elegance of summer with it.

terrain: What do you consider the most important elements to creating a “vacation hardy” planting?

Deb: The best part about the design of these lovely planters is that they practically care-free! They’re the perfect “vacation hardy” planter. All these plant varieties thrive in the hot summer sun and all tolerate dry conditions. Succulents like a nice soaking but then they like to dry out completely in-between waterings so you’re able to leave them for periods of time with no worry.

terrain: We love how you’ve used a mix of succulents, preserved specimens, faux branches, and even metal stems to create these vacation hardy looks. Can you talk more about how you decided to mix these elements together?

Deb: Succulents always look great when grouped tightly together, like a combination of tropical echeveria and sedum. I love the way grasses create movement in the summer wind and every beachy planter needs a cool twist of driftwood to add structure and texture! Metal stems just get better as they become more weathered and they add instant height to any arrangement.

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