Design by Terrain: Transitional Plantings through Spring


Right now, we’re in a tricky gardening time frame when we’re ready for spring to arrive but the plants that we’re hoping to see won't survive outside just yet. While varieties like conifers and gaultheria would work outside right now, we’re looking for something fresh and new to plant up in our outdoor containers. Our designer Kaitlin Dodds created this gorgeous driftwood planting that’s simple to care for and easy to transition through the seasons. Read on to learn Kaitlin’s filler trick, how to use moss to create texture, and her ideas for summer designs.

Kaitlin says, “we chose this barnacle planter because it fit the base of the driftwood and helped with the ‘wow’ factor. These planters easily translate through summer due to their simple silhouettes and rustic finishes.”

She goes on to explain, “since the container was quite large, I layered the bottom with clear bubble wrap (plastic bottles also work); this helps fill large containers without adding a lot of extra weight from soil and drainage medium. I added extra soil in places to create hills and valleys and used various types of mosses as well as various sizes of stones and pebbles to create a landscape that wrapped around the driftwood centerpiece. I topped it off with smaller pieces of driftwood to add movement to the mossy landscape.”

“The exciting part about this container is that the mosses can be easily transferred out for flowering annuals and bulbs come spring, with maybe a trailing plant climbing up and around the driftwood, and planted succulents and succulent kokedamas planted within the driftwood during the summer months. While this container was very large, smaller versions can be easily created. The possibilities are endless!”

Stop by one of our stores to see all the inspired plantings our Design by Terrain team has come up with for spring or contact us to create your own custom arrangement.

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