Five Favorites: Decorating with Pumpkins

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As we enjoy the first days of harvest season, pumpkins are popping up everywhere in our home and garden decor. We love a classic jack o'lantern or a simple group of pumpkins on the doorstep, but we're also getting creative with five fresh ways to use pumpkins and gourds around the house this fall. From tiny, white Baby Boo pumpkins to bold and bumpy gourds, read on for our favorite ways to display these seasonal stars.

Harvest Vase: Hollow out a tall pumpkin or gourd and fill it with fresh flowers or foraged branches for an all-natural vase. The more unusual, the better! We chose a knobby Blue Hubbard and tucked a few rosehips and fall grasses inside. If you'd like to fill your vase with water, rinse the inside in bleach first or coat the interior with wax to slow down decay.

Hanging Planters: Hollow out a few pint-sized pumpkins to create a hanging display with big impact. Find our how-to for creating a pumpkin planter here, then suspend a group with loops of string for an elevated indoor garden. We like to fill our pumpkins with miniature ornamental vegetables and trailing vines.

Pumpkin Plant Stands: Put your favorite pumpkins on a pedestal (or a plant stand) to line fall walkways. Choose pumpkins in unexpected colors or unique shapes-- we like low, flat varieties-- to catch the eye of arriving visitors. 

Color Story Centerpiece: Pair a grouping of monochromatic pumpkins and fresh foliage with a coordinating platter for an understated autumn centerpiece. We added a pop of color to our arrangement-- inspired by the Diamond Dot Textile Platter-- using rosehip twigs.

Pumpkin & Willow Obelisk: Fill a Willow Obelisk with an abundance of small, colorful pumpkins and gourds, then place atop a planter for a festive fall greeting. We wrapped our obelisk with Stargazer and Festival lights for evening appeal.

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