Design by Terrain: Living Valentines We Love


Still shopping for the perfect present to gift your Valentine? While we’ll always love a bunch of fresh cut flowers, there’s something so special about a living arrangement that won’t wilt two days after February 14th. Our Design By Terrain team knows just how to create lasting, gorgeous arrangements and we stopped by Styer’s last week to see what living Valentines we’ve planted up that you can give your sweetheart. Read on for designer Francis Harrison's insights to her favorites.

“In above terrarium arrangement, plumosa fern and a flowering chirita plant are grouped with hens + chicks and topped with a mixture of green fresh moss, preserved pink moss, and peach stones in various sizes. For Valentines Day, we feel succulents can be just as endearing as florals, as their hardiness can symbolize long-lasting love and romance. This terrarium would find itself right at home in a window with morning or afternoon sun, and requires moderate watering.”

“This lovely centerpiece is planted in our charming Bergs planters, which are just as romantic as the plantings themselves! Here we have asparagus fern, pothos, pink blooming cyclamen, and Hawaiian snowbush. Dried florals and mosses painted in coordinating colors complete the design, creating an easy-to-care-for arrangement for any loved one to enjoy. Bright, indirect light and moderate moisture will help keep this gift thriving and happy.”

“In this last planting, we wanted to provide an option for homes with adequate light for succulents, and came up with this Valentines inspired desertscape. Succulents and cacti are paired with tillandsia and ghostwood pieces, and accented by layered sand underneath. The tillandsia in this piece find a home nestled into dried sea urchins, which provide additional color and texture to the scene. Perfect for a sunny area to inspire thoughts of being at the beach!”

Visit your local Terrain store to see the unique plantings the Design By Terrain team have dreamed up just in time for Valentine’s Day!



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