Days in the Life: Designer Matt M.


What's the most fun job at terrain? It's hard to say, but we'd have to guess that our Installation Designer, Matt M., has one of the best, since he gets to spend so much time surrounded by flowers! He says, "I've been with terrain since it launched in 2008. As Installation Designer, I do all sorts of styling, planting, arranging, building, foraging, climbing, hauling, and Instagramming-- and then I do it all over again." Around the office, Matt's known for his gorgeous floral creations and amazing Instagram photos, so we picked a few of our favorites and asked him to tell us what he's been up to this summer, both in the nursery and on his days off.

Visit to Chanticleer Garden: Chanticleer, just outside of Philly, is one of my favorite places to get lost for a day. Its gardens are endlesslessly inspiring and whimsical.

New York Flower Market: The flower district in New York City is the mecca for all things floral.  No matter how often I visit, I find something new every time. If you've never been to the 28th Street markets, you absolutely must check them out. Imagine the fleetingly beautiful lifespans of the most incredible flowers from all over the world, right in the heart of the most frenetic city on Earth. It's dazzling.

Design by Terrain: I’m having a little love affair with variegated ivy. ‘Midas Touch’ and ‘Gloire de Marengo’ are two varieties that I can’t stop looking at. I like to call my planting syle "survival of the fittest." I jam so many things into my plantings-- both landscape and containers-- that some people consider it a form of plant torture, but I truly think the plants love being that close. Strength in numbers!

Evening in the City: I've lived in Philadelphia for 12 years now. It’s so fun to wander the streets of the Rittenhouse neighborhood and admire the windowbox plantings.

Wedding Decor: A wedding client requested a backdrop that had “color and movement.” I thought the saccharine color palette might be too much, but these ribbons did the trick on our ceremony temple.  

Family Dinner: My partner’s family is an old-school Virginia clan, so that means an abundance of heirloom linens, china, and cutlery at family gatherings.

Style at Home: I painted a black backdrop in my house because flowers look amazing against it. Every texture of this bouquet popped.

Evening at the Office: Our wedding temple at Styer’s is so magical at night.

Floral Favorite: Fritillaria persica is unparalleled for its structure and drama in the garden; it also lasts incredibly long as a fresh cut flower.

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