Dad¿s Day BBQ: 5 Tips for a Better Burger


For a fun, informal way to gather family and friends this Father’s Day weekend, we’re hosting a backyard barbeque to celebrate our favorite grill master of all—Dad! When we heard that our Westport chef, Jared Frazer, was garnering rave reviews for his Painted Hills Burger (topped with caramelized onion, mushrooms, gruyère, fried egg, and garlic aioli), we knew just who to ask for some insider tips on making the perfect Dad’s Day patty. We can’t wait to try these out when we fire up the grill on Sunday.

1. Mix in flavor
Try grilling pieces of bread and grinding them in with the meat before cooking. It adds a nice 'grill' flavor to the burger.

2. Make different kinds of pickles
You can start with any pickle recipe, but instead of using cucumbers, switch it up with zucchini or onions.

3. Use mayonnaise
Even if you don’t like mayo, spread a little on both sides of the bun. The fat from the mayonnaise repels moisture and keeps the bread from getting soggy.

4. Try different greens
Instead of iceberg or romaine lettuce, try arugula or mustard greens. They add a little spice to the burger.

5. Customize your burger
There are no rules to a burger. If you like pulled pork sandwiches, put pulled pork on your burger. If you like breakfast, try a burger on French toast topped with bacon and eggs. The key is to have fun!

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