Our Favorite Fresh Cuts


With snow falling outside our windows, the spring garden can feel far away. To tide us over until planting season, we're gathering some of our favorite stems to brighten indoor spaces. Seeking fresh ideas for fresh cuts, we asked around the office. Three terrain plant-lovers are sharing their best blooms and branches for winter at home, below.

"Ranunculus and anemone are my two favorites this time of year. They look great in a bouquet mixed with fresh-cut evergreens, berries, or foliage from a citrus tree that has been brought indoors for winter." - Fran D., Assistant Greengoods Buyer

"I keep eucalyptus in my house throughout the winter for its aroma-therapeutic qualities. It fills my home with an unmistakable scent, which just makes me feel better all around. I also love to mix eucalyptus with citrus branches; I like kumquat branches because they're easy to find fruited and blossomed. Citrus blossoms are the best! Along with flowers and branches, I keep a large bowl of mixed citrus-- grapefruits, cara caras, pumelos, lemons and clementines-- as a centerpiece on the dining table. The bright color is so lifting, and it keeps me snacking healthy with sunshine citrus at easy reach. Citrus and I have a very special relationship in winter. It's essential for the eyes, the soul, the scent and the stomach!" - Melissa B., Field Visual Director

"My winter favorite is a classic-- Icelandic poppies, especially in bright salmon-orange, peach, and champagne. I like them not only for their dramatic, tissue paper blooms, but also because their curved stems feel and look very sculptural. Their shape makes them fun to arrange, and they're one of my favorite plants to draw or paint. There’s a good balance between their happy little faces and the gracefulness of their structure; I think it adds a lightness and cheerfulness at home." - Danielle P., Print Art Director 

Icelandic poppy photo by Dave Smith.

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