Fire Pit Facts: What to Know About COR-TEN Steel


Our Low Profile Round Fire Pit is perfect for smaller patio spaces

Fire pits are a year-round outdoor entertaining essential for us—they’re the perfect gathering place for roasting s’mores on summer evenings and a cozy spot to warm up on chilly autumn nights. Our collection of fire pits spans a wide breadth of sizes, shapes, and styles, all in a variety of durable materials that are meant to last. Lately, we’re gravitating toward COR-TEN steel as our material of choice and we wanted to share why we love it with you here!

What is COR-TEN steel?

COR-TEN, or weathering steel, is an alloy that was developed to eliminate the need for painting metal. It forms a stable, rust-like appearance after years of exposure to the elements.

For an impactful statement on a grand scale, the Weathering Steel Planed Outdoor Fireplace adds instant drama (and heat!) to spacious outdoor spaces.

Why do we love COR-TEN steel?

It’s durable. With an increased resistance to atmospheric corrosion, it often lasts much longer than other materials. 

It’s low maintenance. The protective coating of rust over the metal means there’s no need for painting or costly rust-prevention work. That protective coating also slows the rate of future corrosion.

It looks great. A naturally occurring oxidation process means the steel develops a patina with time. It just gets better with age!

The Angled Obelisk Chiminea offers a sculptural statement and the patinated finish adds an unusual color to the backyard.

Where else is COR-TEN steel used?

Weathering steel is a popular material used in outdoor sculptures, bridges, architecture, and railroads. It was first used for an architectural application in 1964 to build the John Deere Headquarters in Moline, Illinois, weathering steel is now a popular material for use in outdoor sculptures, bridges, architecture, and railroads.

Be sure to explore our entire collection of fire pits, chimineas, and accessories here!

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