Christmas Tree Lighting Tips from our Creative Design Team


We’re still in full swing decking the halls for the holiday season and after sharing our Stargazer Lighting Guide for all of your home décor moments, we’re back to give you our design team’s top tips for lighting the Christmas tree. Below, you’ll find two impactful ideas for adding a warm glow to your holiday greens.

While tradition tells us that wrapping strands of lights around branches is the proper way to illuminate your tree, our creative photo stylist Beth Clevenstine is here to share the special terrain way. She says, “instead of wrapping strands around each ‘tier’ of the tree the way our parents taught us, we start at the base of the trunk, bringing the strand up the trunk and along the length of an individual branch and then back along the underside, using a binding clip or floral wire to secure it in place. Then just continue on to the next branch, starting at the base of the branch, following along its length, and back down to the trunk again." With this method, you’re creating an immersive glow that radiates from the base to the top of the tree and from the trunk out to the ends of the branches. Beth admits this method can be time-consuming (and uses quite a few strands), but offers a shortcut: instead of lighting every single branch, skip one or two so you’re only lighting every other branch instead. In this example, we also lit the trunk of the tree using a couple strands of larger globe lights to add a dramatic element behind the lit branches.

If you do want to go the wrapping route, our Nature Effects range of Stargazer lighting elevates classic light strings into true statement-making decorator moments. The Cascade Falls Lights and Climbing Vine Garland are two of our favorites to swirl around the outer edges for a natural waterfall effect. It’s super simple to accomplish and is much less involved than the above approach but still offers a wonderfully festive look.

Check out our Stargazer Lighting Guide and be sure to shop our full collection of Stargazer lighting options!

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