Natural Ceramic Egg Dyeing


Our favorite find for Easter this year? Eggnots – a vegan, eco-friendly alternative to traditional Easter egg dyeing. These ceramic eggs absorb dye the same way real eggs do, while remaining cruelty and mess-free. Even better, you can save your favorite designs for spring decorating in years to come. Our stylists colored their ceramic dyeing eggs, above, with annatto seed, curcumin, purple sweet potato, and red cabbage dyes from our Natural Egg Dyeing Kit. We recommend mixing your dyes in Weck jars, then rotating the eggs in the dye every ten minutes to make sure the color is even. Our eggs were dyed for about an hour to achieve their rich tones. Even the cotton dropcloth used below the dyes is beautiful, splashed with natural colors – we love the idea of framing it for use as effortless art!

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