Caramel Apples with Fat Toad Farm


A classic treat is getting a sweet update this fall thanks to our friends at Fat Toad Farm. Located in Brookfield, Vermont, Fat Toad is best known for its goat's milk caramel, which is based on a traditional Mexican confection called cajeta. Each batch is stirred for five hours in a copper kettle to achieve the perfect, velvety consistency. Since sampling Fat Toad caramel a few years ago, we've been stirring it into our coffee, drizzling it over ice cream, and (we'll admit) eating spoonfuls right from the jar. This fall, we're enjoying it with the season's best apples thanks to a new Caramel Apple Kit filled with cinnamon-infused caramel and dipping sticks. We sliced some fresh Granny Smiths to create DIY caramel apple dippers paired with a trio of toppings: toasted almonds, coconut flakes, and chocolate with sweet cocoa dust. Read on for a few more toppings to try with your own autumn apples.

Caramel Apple Toppers
graham cracker crumbs
mini marshmallows
white chocolate or peanut butter chips
roasted peanuts
rainbow sprinkles
toasted almonds
coconut flakes
cocoa dust 

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