Campfire Grilled Cheese


During fireside gatherings, we're finding a new use for our clever s'more roaster-- toasting grilled cheese sliders over the fire. These savory snacks will be on our menu throughout the seasons, and we've been finding creative ways to dress up the small-scale sandwiches with fresh flavors. The best part? The roaster makes a trio of sandwiches, so you can mix and match for a variety of flavors. We suggest starting with thinly-sliced bread and a generous swipe of butter on each side, then toasting slowly so the bread browns evenly and the cheese fully melts. Read on for five of our favorite combinations.

Bacon & Cheddar
Sharp cheddar, applewood bacon, avocado, sourdough

Heirloom Tomato
Provolone, sliced tomato, pesto, ciabatta

Apple & Brie
Sliced Granny Smith apple, brie, honey, sourdough

Swiss cheese, ham, yellow mustard, dill pickle slices, french bread

Strawberry Mascarpone
Sliced strawberries, mascarpone, nutella, brioche

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