Campfire Cooking


Whether out in the woods or in the comfort of the backyard, there’s nothing we love more than gathering around the campfire on a cool evening. No bonfire is complete without a few toasted treats, so we asked our resident fireside foodie, Susan S., for her advice on cooking outdoors. She also shared a pair of her favorite recipes for a campfire classic—s’mores.

Susan’s Campfire Essentials
Sturdy, cast iron skillet
Heavy-duty aluminum foil for packets
Grill grate to go over the fire and provide a level surface
Paring knife
Lightweight, enamel bowls and plates
Board for on-site cutting and chopping 

“When making foil cooking packets, make sure to coat the side that will touch the food with cooking spray before adding your ingredients,” says Susan. “If you’re cooking meat, toss in chopped, moisture-rich veggies like tomatoes and onions to keep the meat from drying out. Also remember that hard, raw vegetables like potatoes and carrots take a long time to cook on a fire, so if you don’t have time to wait, bring a canned substitute. And always, always have a healthy stock of marshmallows on hand for s’mores! Here are the recipes I’ll be toasting this year…"

Triple Chocolate S’mores
Chocolate graham crackers
Chocolate marshmallows
Semi-sweet chocolate morsels or bar
Fresh berries (if desired) 

Strawberry Lemonade S’mores
Fresh, sliced strawberries
Lemon curd
Graham crackers 

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