Baking in Bloom


You don’t need to be a professional cake decorator to craft a wow-worthy confection for your next gathering. A simple pair of pruners and a keen eye is all it takes to create a cake like the one pictured above, using materials found in your own backyard. Our stylist and baking extraordinaire, Isa S., used lavender and foraged vines to deck out this botanical beauty. Start with your cake recipe of choice—we like flavorful and colorful layers for a surprise once the cake is cut—then cover with a simple, white frosting and delicate blooms.

Some notes from Isa on crafting your cake: be sure to wash all the botanicals carefully, take note not pluck anything that may have come in contact with chemicals or pesticides, and research that the plants are edible or safe to come in contact with food if removed before digging in. We love the idea of using lemon thyme and rosemary for an herbal iteration, adding a dried assortment of edible flowers, or foraging fresh holly and balsam fir for a holiday look!

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