Autumn Sun Printing


With leaves of all shapes and sizes beginning to dot the lawn, autumn is the perfect time to collect a few favorites and make your own sun prints. A fresh crop of sun printing kits and accessories recently arrived in our stores, so we caught up with Display Coordinator Suzie A. and learned how she used these creative kits to deck out a colorful wall at Styer's.

Suzie says, "For this season's display, I used our new autumn sun print colors-- yellow and red. The process is simple; arrange your botanicals on top of the sun printing paper, preferably in full sun, then place a clean sheet of glass on top to keep the plants from moving if it's windy. We have a Sun Print Maker's Frame with glass and clips to keep everything in place while the sun print processes. After 10-12 minutes of exposure time, depending on the intensity of the sun, remove the glass and rinse the paper with water until it runs clear. Finally, lay the paper flat to dry."

In case you can't find just the right leaves in the yard, we've also added a new option that makes sun printing easier than ever. Suzie says, "I also used some of our new transparency kits on the original, blue cyanotype paper. The transparencies create perfect sun prints with a white background and can be used more than once, so you can repeat patterns or create sets of prints."

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