An Uncommon Garden


When it comes to gardening indoors, our favorites tend towards the unexpected and these beauties are no exception. Picked from our creative director Greg's own collection, each of these plants has an unusual appeal all its own.

Amaryllis Papillo
It's the variegated petals of chartreuse and deep eggplant that win us over every year, especially when paired, like ours pictured, with budding Japanese Maple branches.
Best care: Place in full sun. If planted outside, this bulb will rebloom after summer dormancy.

Soleirolia Soleirollii Aurea
Perfect for companion planting and traditionally used as a groundcover, we love this tufted green for the texture it adds to a room all on its own.
Best care: Place in bright light and keep moist.

Aeonium Arboreum Schwarzkopf
Loved for its longevity, this Seuss-ian succulent is a hardy specimen whose slow-growth allows years of admiration from the likes of us.
Best care: Place in bright to partial sun and water regularly.

Streptocarpus Black Panther
For fans of the more common African Violet, this dark beauty brings something a little different to our indoor gardens.
Best care: Place in bright light and water from bottom.

Phyllostachys Vivax Aureocaulis
Clean stripes first caught our eye on this member of the bamboo family, known for its quick growth and a wealth of pruning options.
Best care: Place in bright light and water frequently. Keep outdoors in summer.

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  • BrittanyS said...

    Or it may be a Black Rose Aeonium Arboreum Scharzkopf Succulent.

  • Aud said...

    Where can I get these plants? And are they good for the northeast?

  • BrittanyS said...

    I believe that one of your uncommon plants is not a Sempervivum Black Prince. It is actually a Zwartkop Aeonium.

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