An Elevated Arrangement for Easter


While bunny ears, pastel eggs, and chocolate chicks will always be a few of our favorite Easter traditions, this time of year also inspires us to create lush, seasonal arrangements that will elevate our tabletop décor for Sunday brunch and beyond. Our stylist Adelyn Duchala constructed this gorgeous display featuring a mix of fresh blooms and faux stems in a rustic basket—read on to hear how she came up with the design so you can make it your own.

“I started with a mix of fresh angelvine and hellebore paired with our metal garlands and bunches as well as some faux magnolia stems and moss,” Adelyn says. Using a unified color story of complementary shades of greens, yellows, and reds gives you license to be much more bold with the design without fear of a messy or incohesive final product.

Adelyn chose a simple rattan basket as the base, grounding the arrangement with a natural element that feels much more sophisticated than your classic pastel Easter basket. She then “started with the hellebore as the focal point and built around that with the other stems.” She layered in the climbing moss, angelvine, and metal garlands around the handle and along the outside of the basket, bringing dimension and balance to the design. To finish it off, Adelyn added a few metal bunches and faux magnolia stems to add fullness and texture in exposed spots.

The design possibilities are endless with this type of seasonal arrangement, so don’t be afraid to experiment! And don’t forget, foraging in your own backyard is the best place to begin the process, and we’ve got all the extra faux and metal blooms you need to complete the look.

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